• Roots
    Espresso bar
    Life is a big road of hope and dreams.
    Matta has always felt a real connection to Bob Marley & his lyrics. Hope Road is a tribute to where Bob lived in Kingston, Reggae music & for the love of life itself.

Our story

Like all good love stories, it began on Tinder back in 2014 & where else but at Bondi Beach! Coming from the ghetto in Brazil, Matta up and left his family, friends, country to follow his dreams and fulfill his soul in search of spiritual and personal growth. He came to Australia & ended up meeting the love of his life. Deb had just returned from a trip to Brazil & secretly hoped to meet a Brazilian man. They finally met, fell in love and a year later they were married barefoot on the beach with a baby on the way.

Hope Road had been a dream for many years in many different forms. While working as a barista in Australia, Matta always missed that happiness and hospitality of the Brazilian people. So he knew this is what he needed to create in his own space. A place where people could really enjoy their coffee, have a real conversation, listen to great music, be surrounded by colour and experience culture. In November 2020 all their ideas fell into place when they found this little spot. Pulling down the walls and doing the fit-out themselves, they transformed this space into what it is today.

Our coffee

DRUMROLL COFFEE ROASTERS - Founded in 2015, this family run, boutique coffee roasting company was built around the passion for honesty and authenticity in the coffee industry. With so many sharks and big companies pretending to be small boutique brands, we saw a lack of integrity between the message being sold and the quality of the actual product. With integrity, honesty and a strong promise to only sourcing and roasting exceptional green coffees, we decided to start our own company, roasting coffee we wanted to drink and that every coffee drinker really wants everyday!

Drumroll Coffee Roasters

Your tips matter

All of your tips go straight to Cantinho do Ceu (Corner of Heaven) In 1983 Matta's aunty Sonia, founded & still runs a 24hr care facility for more than 60 children and adults with severe disability, mainly cerebral palsy. We are so blessed & have everything we need but unfortunately, so many people don’t.

For more info go to Cantinho do Céu Ribeirão Preto.