Hope Road

“Inspiring, eye-opening… a captivating
and necessary contribution to our refugee debate
from one of Australian cinema’s most humane storytellers.”

(Melbourne International Film Festival Program)


A refugee from the Sudanese civil war, Zacharia (one of the ‘lost boys’ of Sudan) lives in Sydney, Australia, with his partner and daughter.  He desperately wants to do something for his village, now in the newly created nation of South Sudan.  His dream is to build a much-needed school, and he enlists the backing of numerous well-intentioned Australians.  Janet, a dedicated supporter, joins him on a 40-day charity walk from the Queensland border to Sydney to raise funds for this venture.  Will this strategy raise the funds they need? Thwarted by escalating conflict back in South Sudan, and shocked by a broken relationship, Zac must decide what’s important in his life.

The school

The project of building a school in Zac’s village is to improve access to education for the extremely disadvantaged children, primarily girls.  The project has been managed and driven by South Sudan Orphan Education, a Sydney based NGO, formed in April 2007. The projected is also supported by Rotary.

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Zac’s story

Zacharia Machiek’s life began in a cattle camp in Cueibet County in South Sudan, around the village of Abyei Ajok. From the age of 6 or 7 boys and girls begin their duties cleaning the cattle yard around the camp.

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Donate now

It’s now 2017, three years after the Hope Road walk finished.  The amount raised for the school has more than doubled to $44,000, mainly through additional contributions from Sydney Rotary. The Committee now has sufficient funds for the first stage of building – which is three classrooms, a teacher’s room and latrines.  Zacharia plans to travel to the village in late 2017 to assess the situation and to co-ordinate the resumption of work on the project. The plan is for this first stage of construction to
commence in 2018.

The fund-raising committee for the school – South Sudan Orphan Education (SSOE) is seeking public donations to fund the building of the school.  SSOE is authorised to fundraise for charitable purposes in New South Wales, under the Charitable Fundraising Regulation 2008 Act.

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